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You’ve got news about your organization. Programs to train your employees on. Messages for your stakeholders. You’ve got slides to show. Video to integrate. You need a webinar. And you need it to be perfect. You need a webinar services provider.
We deliver webinar services – audio, video and web conferencing options that let you order just what you need when you need your webinar to be produced, painless and perfect. That’s Conferencing Outside the Lines.

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Sometimes a teleconference matches your message. Sometimes you want a webinar. Service-based conferencing means using our platform instead of licensing your own. Webinar services mean, well, to paraphrase one of our clients before a webinar, “I still get butterflies before these, but since we switched to you guys they’re not about the technology.”

If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, integrating video into your webinar is a no-brainer. Don’t worry about webcam or camera crew or video conferencing network or telepresence or pre-recording… Just “embrace the madness” as a client of ours once put it, and let our video producers look at what you have, what you want and give you what you need.

Just can’t get enough? We’ll record your live webinar (or teleconference) so that it can be replayed again and again. And if you need it to be perfect, pre-record your webinar in our virtual (or DC-area) studio and take as many takes as you need to get it just right.

Ready to take control? Gather data when people register for your webinar or access your on-demand content using our customizable online registration then easily export your data for slicing and dicing to your heart’s content.

AT&T Connect user looking for more capacity, more features and professional services? Intellor Group is AT&T Connect Event Services (ATTCES).

Federal agency in need of teleconferencing or webinar services? We can help. Get in touch to discuss our services available on the Networx Enterprise and Universal contracts.

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You know your Intellor Group webinar producers work days – and a lot of nights – to make your webinars perfect. What you don’t know? We refer to lunch as “chicken,” but nobody remembers why. We are wood-knocking, rabbit-foot-carrying CAH-RAZY superstitious. We do not agree on the definition of the word “football.” And, to a person, we are truly happy to work together, and with you.

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