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How to win with a summertime webinar

Not too long ago I read an article about why summer was the absolute worst time to run a webinar. The author proposed that because so many people are on…

Webinar Breakdown: How to keep it from happening to you

I’ve a witnessed webinar breakdown first hand and it wasn’t pretty. A couple of months ago I attended a webinar that began as smoothly as any other. The log-in was…

Three Tips for creating a low stress webinar

Let’s face it, we all like the idea of a webinar. You can run or attend one from virtually anywhere in the world at any time, but the process can…

Still don’t have a webinar wingman? You’re doing it wrong.

Webinars are everywhere and, from what I’ve seen, most people (maybe even you) think that it has to be a one person show. From the content to technology to presentation…

Time to revamp your webinar presentation? Here are three PowerPoint Alternatives

My friend (I’ll call her Susie) hosts a lot of webinars, about 10 each week. I was curious about it (since it’s pretty much all she ever talks about) so…

ask intellor: help keep your webinars on track

Dear Intellor, I manage a small global company and run monthly webinars for about 50 employees. My events always start off smoothly but usually, about thirty minutes in, a couple…