Three Tips for creating a low stress webinar

May 11, 2015
Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

Let’s face it, we all like the idea of a webinar. You can run or attend one from virtually anywhere in the world at any time, but the process can be daunting. Fortunately, with some thoughtful planning, the process can be manageable. Here are three tips for creating a low stress webinar.

Don’t put yourself in front of the camera.
This tip is so awesome that I had to put it first. Some people think they need to have the camera pointed at themselves. You don’t. No need to worry about your hair or making sure your desk is clean. You can run your webinar with spinach in your teeth while wearing your wedding dress and no one will ever know. There is a huge level of comfort that comes with being able to put your entire focus into your content and presentation and not think about your appearance. Just be sure to give your participants a visually engaging presentation.

Organize early.
With careful planning a small or large-scale webinar is completely doable. The key is to start with a very detailed plan and enough time to thoughtfully execute it. Instead of thinking of it as one major project, tackle each piece separately. Create firm deadlines for each of your mini-projects (set reminders on your calendar for each one). Invite guest speakers, inform participants, research your topics, create an agenda, develop the visual presentation, etc. Each one those pieces (and many more) are worthy of their own deadline because of their value to your webinar. Be honest with yourself though; if you’re a master procrastinator, think about how that will affect your goals and timeline and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Create your A-Team.
Many people think of webinars as one person shows but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are examples of helpful roles to add to your webinar: Co- Moderator: This person has experience with the subject matter but their perspective is slightly different than yours and can add depth to the discussions. Techie: This person should be very familiar with the webinar platform you plan to use and will be the technology point-person during your webinar. This will free you from the technology questions your participants will inevitably have and allow you to focus on content related questions. Webinar plants: I’m sure you’ve experienced this as a webinar guest, the speaker has asked for questions but all you hear is silence. Awkward. A sure way to avoid this is to ask one or two (or more) reliable friends to join to ask a specific (and conversation provoking) question just in case no one else does. There is no need to go solo while running your event; creating a team will make the event more enjoyable for you and your audience.

Now you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Let go of some of that stress about your next webinar and put that energy into developing an incredible event. Whether you expect 10 or 1,000 audience members, these tips can help you create a more manageable process.


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