Quick Answers to Your Connection Questions

How do I connect to the webinar?
Your host (the individual or organization who invited you to join the webinar) should have provided you with a web link to connect to the webinar. You may have received the link in an email or a calendar invitation. Click that link to connect to the webinar, or to register for it, if required by your host.
Why can’t I click the webinar link?
Some organizations have firewalls that disable links received via emails. If that’s the case, simply copy that link and paste it into the address bar of your web browser to connect to the webinar.
I clicked the webinar link and see two options for joining. Which should I choose?
The web participant application – the second option displayed on the entry page – is generally the quickest way to connect to the webinar as there’s no software installation required. If you are not authorized to install software you must use the web participant application.

The AT&T Connect Participant Application is a piece of software that you can download to take advantage of additional features, such as voice over computer audio and live streaming video. You can install the PA at attces.com/getready.

I’m not able to install the AT&T Connect Participant Application. What do I do?
Unless your host has disabled the option, you can connect to the webinar using the web participant application. Simply close your browser and reconnect by clicking the web link provided by the webinar host. When presented with your connection options, select the second – the web participant application. This will allow you to enter the webinar without installing the Participant Application. If you’d prefer to install the software, contact the Help Desk for assistance at 888.796.6118.
The webinar is prompting me to install Intellor Apps. What is this and do I need it?
Intellor Apps is not required to connect to the webinar, or to view captioning. Rather, it is an optional app that will allow you to pin the captioning window to a preferred position for the duration of the webinar. If you’re unable or don’t wish to install, simply bypass this step and enter the webinar.
I’m trying to join a webinar but where’s the phone number?
You should connect your computer to the webinar first. Once connected, you’ll be presented with personalized instructions for connecting your audio. We recommend you connect via telephone by selecting your country/location from the dropdown displayed on your screen and using the Access Code and Attendee ID shown. If your host has enabled voice over computer audio and you’d like to use it, remember that your computer must be equipped with speakers or a headset and an appropriate sound card, as well as a microphone if you wish to speak.

If you aren’t able to connect by computer, your host may have provided you with dial-in instructions, in which case you’ll want to make note of the following commands, if applicable.

  • Press #2 to raise or lower your hand
  • Press *6 to mute or unmute your phone, if applicable
  • You may hear a message indicating your phone has been muted or unmuted by the Operator
How can I view captioning for the webinar?
If the webinar is being captioned, the feed will launch automatically – no action is required on your part.
How can I contact AT&T Connect technical support?
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, contact AT&T Connect support at 888-796-6118 (US Toll-Free) or 847-562-7015 (Global Toll). Please provide the AT&T Connect support representative with the following information:

  • The name of the event you are attending
  • That you are connecting to an event powered by the Intellor Event Management System
Will the slides or webinar recording be made available?
It is up to the organization sponsoring the webinar whether or when materials will be made available. We recommend you contact the webinar’s sponsor for more information.
Who or what is Intellor?
Intellor technology and services power this AT&T Connect Event Services webinar. If you would like more information, please contact Intellor Group at 301.250.7200 or email help@intellor.com.