Still don’t have a webinar wingman? You’re doing it wrong.

Mar 12, 2015
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Image courtesy of photostock at

Webinars are everywhere and, from what I’ve seen, most people (maybe even you) think that it has to be a one person show. From the content to technology to presentation and everything in between, you’re used to controlling every aspect. If I just described you, keep reading.

Okay, so now you’re wondering exactly what a webinar wingman/woman is and why you need one. Here’s why:
Your webinar wingwoman is someone who understands the message you want to convey during your event. She is someone off of whom you can bounce ideas before your webinar goes live (not in front of hundreds of people) and will give you honest feedback. You have a second set of eyes review your resume, right? Doing the same for your webinar can help prevent awkward moments and embarrassing mistakes. She’s your right hand.

Fielding technical questions is a crucial way to use your webinar wingman. It’s your job to focus on content and explain to your audience why they should buy from you, hire you or believe what you have to say. How can you effectively convey your message if you’re fielding emails from Bob, in Des Moines, about how to ask a question via VOIP. If it’s your webinar then it’s your job to stay on message. Let your wingman handle the technical problems.

Filling the silence. We all dread it. You spend days crafting and promoting an engaging and informative webinar. You’ve structured it to ensure a lively and interactive event. Yet when the time comes for your audience to respond or ask a question, there’s only silence. During times like these you’ll really wish you had a webinar wingwoman. Before the event give her a short list of questions to ask if participation on your event is not what you’d hoped for. Often once one audience member has asked a question it will break the ice and others will begin doing so also (but even if they don’t, at least you’re not sitting in silence).

If I haven’t completely sold you on recruiting a webinar wingman/woman, think about your last webinar. What went wrong? How much would you have appreciated help from someone who knew your message and the technology? Your webinar wingman/woman can offer you peace of mind if nothing goes wrong or on the spot help if everything does.


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