How to win with a summertime webinar

Jul 08, 2015
Image courtesy of bplanet at

Image courtesy of bplanet at

Not too long ago I read an article about why summer was the absolute worst time to run a webinar. The author proposed that because so many people are on vacation or are otherwise less focused on work than they are at other times of the year, the summertime webinar is a waste of time.

I disagree. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it exactly the right time to run a webinar. I’ll tell you why.

Scheduling: As summer winds down, your schedule fills up, and as people return from vacations there is far more demand for their time- and yours. Scheduling your webinar when most people have free time makes much more strategic sense. When your prospective participants have more time, they’re more likely to join (and be engaged in) your webinar. Your summertime webinar will have far less competition for the attention of your target audience- and that’s a big win for you.

More relaxed atmosphere: No jacket? No tie? No problem! Most people are more relaxed during the summer months. Whether they are about to go on vacation, just coming back from one or are joining your webinar from the beach. This relaxed atmosphere can make for a more stress-free webinar for all involved. Just be sure to have your event match the casual feel. taiwan Include polls, surveys and other interactive tools to keep your participants engaged. Your audience will also have the time to process the information you give them, rather than rushing right from your webinar to the next item on their schedule.

That being said, be sure to avoid the major summer holidays (Memorial day, July 4th and Labor Day) when most people are completely unplugged. So go ahead and plan your webinar and make the most of your (and everyone else’s) summer days.


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