Quick Answers to Your Connection Questions

How do I connect to the webinar?
Your host (the individual or organization who invited you to join the webinar) should have provided you with a web link to connect to the webinar. You may have received the link in an email or a calendar invitation. Click that link to connect to the webinar, or to register for it, if required by your host.
Why can’t I click the webinar link?
Some organizations have firewalls that disable links received via emails. If that’s the case, simply copy that link and paste it into the address bar of your web browser to connect to the webinar.
I clicked the webinar link and see two options for joining. Which should I choose?
When you access the webinar you will be provided a choice – to install the WebEx plug-in for your preferred browser or to join the web conference using a temporary path. Either option is acceptable.
I’m not able to install the plug-in. What do I do?
Simply connect to the webinar using the temporary path; you’ll find that option available by way of a link located at the bottom of your screen.
I’m trying to join a webinar but where’s the phone number?
Dependent upon the conference configuration requested by your host, you may find dial-in instructions in your email or calendar invitation, or you may find your dial-in instructions after you follow the provided link.
How can I view captioning for the webinar?
If the webinar is being captioned, the feed will launch automatically – no action is required on your part.
How can I contact technical support?
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, contact support at 888-796-6118 (US Toll-Free) or 847-562-7015 (Global Toll). Please provide the representative with the name of the event you are attending, and the information that you are connecting to an event powered by the Intellor Event Management System.
Will the slides or webinar recording be made available?
It is up to the organization sponsoring the webinar whether or when materials will be made available. We recommend you contact the webinar’s sponsor for more information.
Who or what is Intellor?
Intellor technology and services power this webinar. If you would like more information about Intellor services, please contact us at 301.250.7200 or email sales@intellor.com.