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April 2021

Best PracticesWeb Conferencing

When DIY web conferencing becomes a liability

With a variety of popular web and video conferencing applications now in widespread use for most companies and organizations, the notion that all meetings and events can now be handled internally is an easy assumption to make. And 90% of the time, that’s likely true. Regularly-scheduled internal meetings, brainstorming sessions, training classes and events that require small numbers of participants…
John Lovell
April 30, 2021
Remote WorkWeb Conferencing

The impact of remote work on companies, communities

Massive competition between large cities for corporate headquarters may not be a thing of the past. But with the shift to remote work across large sectors of the economy, communities across the country have begun trying to one-up each other in their efforts to attract workers who are no longer tied to their company’s physical address. For many people considering…
Candice Evans
April 27, 2021
Best PracticesWeb Conferencing

What it means to “conference without compromise”

Video, audio and web conferencing are here to stay; they’re essential tools for enabling companies and government agencies, offices and teams to communicate internally and externally. COVID-19 has caused organizations to expand and diversify conferencing technology investments at an unprecedented pace, coupling them with a “ready or not” adoption push to ensure continued operations, regardless of pandemic conditions. And from…
John Lovell
April 23, 2021
Company News

Introducing Intellor

  It’s a funny thing to write a birth announcement when your baby is old enough to join you in the champagne toast, but here we are - Intellor Group, Inc. was founded twenty-one years ago. Intellor was born when conference calls required us to extract our cards from our wallets and before Webex was the Kleenex of conferencing. Intellor…
Maggie Logan
April 15, 2021