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January 2022

video meeting recording view optionsBest PracticesMultimedia ServicesVideo Conferencing

Conference recordings (part 1): view options for video meetings

Sharing and distributing a recording of your video meeting is a great way to extend the life of your event and keep your target audience informed and engaged. But conference recording doesn’t start and end at pressing ‘record.’ Understanding both what and how your platform records – and leaning on Intellor when you need something different and better – can…
Candice Evans
January 28, 2022
Conferencing ServicesMultimedia Services

Intellor Multimedia: enhance and enable access to your meeting recordings

When you need to extend the reach and impact of critical information beyond a live event, Intellor is like having your own multimedia services team. Whether you’re conducting an earnings call, a training, or anything in between, your content may need to live on after the call or webinar concludes. While meeting recording is sometimes a record-keeping check box, it’s…
John Lovell
January 25, 2022
Conferencing services - configurationBest PracticesConferencing Services

Conferencing services: meeting configuration

Intellor helps enterprise and government organizations to maximize return on audio, video and web conferencing investments. As we begin pandemic year three, it’s with an abundance of conferencing resources at our disposal. Organizations have invested in products like Teams, Webex and Zoom, platforms for larger webcasts and virtual events, video hardware and software, and more. These technologies can be powerful…
John Lovell
January 21, 2022
Audio ConferencingIntellorismsWeb Conferencing

Intellorisms: What if the wrong people join your webinar? What if the right people don’t?

Sometimes you need to know more about your audience to target your content. Sometimes you need to control who gains access to your content. Sometimes you need to nudge your registrants to convert them to attendees. Making your conferencing platform’s registration work – or working around its limitations – isn’t always easy. That’s where Intellor expertise – with both technology…
John Lovell
January 3, 2022