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February 2022

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Conference Scheduling: Prepare to Succeed

You’ve got the topic. The speakers. The audience. You need the technology. We talk a lot about Intellor Event Producers – the on-air experts that help thousands of events run smoothly every year – but event success starts well in advance of the event. That’s where our team of conference scheduling experts comes in. Your event. Our conference scheduling experts.…
John Lovell
February 24, 2022
conference call recordingBest PracticesMultimedia Services

Conference recordings (part 2): choosing the right format for conference call recordings

One of the best ways to extend the reach of mission-critical virtual communications is to record and distribute them. Whether you plan on sharing a downloadable file, uploading video to a site like YouTube, or editing portions of a meeting to create a podcast, you need to determine which conference call recording format will best suit your needs. Here are…
Candice Evans
February 17, 2022
Conference moderatorBest PracticesConferencing ServicesEvent Producers

Conferencing services: meeting moderation

Intellor expertise – honed across tens of thousands of meetings and webinars – helps enterprise and government organizations maximize conferencing impact. Meetings haven’t gotten easier over the past two years. Audiences are dispersed. Attendees are fatigued. Conferencing technologies have changed – and continue to do so, frequently, and substantively. When you’re organizing a meeting that requires a level of professionalism…
John Lovell
February 10, 2022