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Maggie Logan

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22 years – and counting – answering the call for operator assisted teleconferencing

In recent months, several telecommunications companies have announced divestitures or service limitations in their conferencing portfolios. Yet enterprise and government continue to require professionally managed teleconferencing to reach citizens, investors, employees, the media. We know the power of teleconferencing to reach stakeholders – across an organization and around the world – because this is what we do. And it’s for…
Maggie Logan
June 23, 2022
Intellor gratitudeCompany News


Last year’s holiday season – along with the rest of the year – passed in a blur. There was no pause for reflection or gratitude; there was no pause at all. This year, we pause, and I’m privileged to share why so many of us are grateful to be part of Intellor. Because the past two years have taken the…
Maggie Logan
November 24, 2021
online meeting platformIntellorisms

Introducing The Intellorism

Merriam-Webster defines “ism” as a manner of action or behavior characteristic of a (specified) person or thing. An Intellorism, therefore, demonstrates a specific fulfillment of our mission to enable our customers to communicate effectively through audio, video and web conferencing. We’re pleased to launch this Intellorism series to both share stories that exemplify our mission and provide enterprise and government…
Maggie Logan
November 12, 2021
conference call hold timesAudio ConferencingConferencing as a Service (CaaS)

High time to eliminate hold times

Why would an organization rely on a switchboard to connect high-profile callers to a high stakes call in 2021? Investor relations and media relations professionals are modernizing their communications with web broadcasts, live video, and more. And yet their telephone callers are still stuck at the switchboard. Yes, the analysts, investors and media choosing to join by phone are in…
Maggie Logan
June 22, 2021
Company News

Introducing Intellor

  It’s a funny thing to write a birth announcement when your baby is old enough to join you in the champagne toast, but here we are - Intellor Group, Inc. was founded twenty-one years ago. Intellor was born when conference calls required us to extract our cards from our wallets and before Webex was the Kleenex of conferencing. Intellor…
Maggie Logan
April 15, 2021