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Hybrid Meetings

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3 recommendations for efficient hybrid public engagements during online meetings

For federal, state, and local government or civic groups, public engagement is critical. Whether the rationale is community building, collecting input, or even legally mandated, entities must find simple, equitable methods to engage citizens and other stakeholders – especially now during online meetings - in the business of governance. Today, many government entities employ hybrid engagement strategies – bridging physical…
John Lovell
February 15, 2023
Hybrid company town hall meetingsBest PracticesHybrid MeetingsRemote Work

10 tips for running successful hybrid company town hall meetings

Company town halls, or all-staff meetings, have been a staple of business life for years. And during quarantine, many organizations began hosting virtual events to keep the lines of communication between leadership and staff open and strong. Now that many are moving toward hybrid events, with some staff returning to the office and others staying remote, it’s important to take…
Candice Evans
September 23, 2021