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Intellorisms #6: Changing conferencing platforms without changing invite links

Picture this: you are organizing an important webinar for multiple audiences in various locations. You schedule your Zoom Webinar, send out your invitations…and then learn that a crucial partner can’t access the Zoom platform. Is your partner out of luck? Can you retract and replace your invitations? Will you lose attendees? Credibility? Last minute conferencing platform change? No problem! If…
John Lovell
August 25, 2022
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Intellorisms: Stress-free management of pre-event communications

Marketers and external communicators rely on customer relationship management or marketing automation systems to simplify critical tasks around conference registration and scheduling management. As an internal communicator, do you have a simple answer to managing schedules, invitations, registrations, and pre- or post-event emails? Intellor can automate and optimize these tasks, freeing you to focus on you content. Here’s how we…
John Lovell
May 5, 2022
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Intellorisms: enabling conference translation in real time

You’re planning a town hall teleconference for your US and Canadian employees. You have a French translator lined up to for your English-speaking CEO. Do you have the infrastructure to enable conference translation in real-time? Recently, an Intellor customer realized the answer was “no.” The customer had plenty of audio bridges, but no way to bring them together to support…
John Lovell
March 9, 2022
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Intellorisms: What if the wrong people join your webinar? What if the right people don’t?

Sometimes you need to know more about your audience to target your content. Sometimes you need to control who gains access to your content. Sometimes you need to nudge your registrants to convert them to attendees. Making your conferencing platform’s registration work – or working around its limitations – isn’t always easy. That’s where Intellor expertise – with both technology…
John Lovell
January 3, 2022
IntellorConferencing as a Service (CaaS)Intellorisms

Intellorisms: Red light or red carpet?

We hope this new Intellorisms series (an Intellorism demonstrates a specific fulfillment of our mission to enable our customers to communicate effectively through audio, video and web conferencing) provides ideas for using conferencing to communicate more effectively. Our second Intellorism answers the question: When a select group of attendees needs pre-meeting access, am I stuck with a red light? Or…
John Lovell
November 29, 2021
online meeting platformIntellorisms

Introducing The Intellorism

Merriam-Webster defines “ism” as a manner of action or behavior characteristic of a (specified) person or thing. An Intellorism, therefore, demonstrates a specific fulfillment of our mission to enable our customers to communicate effectively through audio, video and web conferencing. We’re pleased to launch this Intellorism series to both share stories that exemplify our mission and provide enterprise and government…
John Lovell
November 12, 2021