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Virtual Communications

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3 recommendations for efficient hybrid public engagements during online meetings

For federal, state, and local government or civic groups, public engagement is critical. Whether the rationale is community building, collecting input, or even legally mandated, entities must find simple, equitable methods to engage citizens and other stakeholders – especially now during online meetings - in the business of governance. Today, many government entities employ hybrid engagement strategies – bridging physical…
John Lovell
February 15, 2023
managed conferencingConferencing as a Service (CaaS)Conferencing ServicesVirtual Communications

Managed Conferencing: IT’s Answer to The Business Ask

Digital Transformation. UCaaS. CCaaS. Hybrid Workforces. While IT has bigger priorities than conferencing, conferencing remains an absolute business requirement. But with teleconferencing vendors exiting the market and video-web conferencing platforms that don’t always ‘just work’ for every user, conferencing is now straining many IT staffs. Having signed up for deployment, user and version management, IT is now being asked to…
John Lovell
October 10, 2022
virtual meeting tipsBest PracticesVideo ConferencingVirtual Communications

Virtual meeting tips: 6 ideas for effective breakout sessions

Just as they do in physical conference setting, virtual breakout sessions can encourage valuable feedback and foster a deeper level of engagement among conference participants. Many conferencing platforms provide the ability to conduct breakout sessions to address topics of interest in smaller groups. But how can meeting organizers get the most out of these technologies to create an optimal user…
John Lovell
July 14, 2022
Conference Q&ABest PracticesStudio SessionsVirtual Communications

Take Q&A to the Next Level

Q&A is a time-honored tradition of most types of meetings, whether in-person, hybrid, or completely virtual. Follow these tips to get the most out of your next session and create an engaging environment. Schedule enough time. If possible, plan for at least 10 – 15 minutes of questions before you adjourn, more if the topics covered in the presentation are…
Candice Evans
June 2, 2022
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Intellorisms: Stress-free management of pre-event communications

Marketers and external communicators rely on customer relationship management or marketing automation systems to simplify critical tasks around conference registration and scheduling management. As an internal communicator, do you have a simple answer to managing schedules, invitations, registrations, and pre- or post-event emails? Intellor can automate and optimize these tasks, freeing you to focus on you content. Here’s how we…
John Lovell
May 5, 2022
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Virtual meeting tips: using polls/surveys to improve employee engagement

Polls and surveys are a great way to foster participation during online staff meetings of all sizes. But polling in and of itself will not increase employee engagement. For this week’s virtual meeting tips post, we offer some suggestions to help make the most of these interactive features. Ask staff to submit questions before the meeting. This will let you…
Candice Evans
April 28, 2022
virtual town hall meetingBest PracticesConferencing as a Service (CaaS)Virtual Communications

Simplify your virtual town hall meeting

If your organization is hosting a CXO virtual town hall meeting, that CXO’s priority is message. If you are the organizer of that meeting, you need to be sure the conferencing technology enables that message and employee engagement. That means: Assessing your available conferencing platforms to select the best fit Configuring the meeting and invitations or registration Getting familiar with…
John Lovell
April 20, 2022
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Maximize your investment in video meeting technologies

Since the pandemic has altered the way work gets done around the world, many large companies and agencies are going “all in” with their investments in video meeting technologies; 90% of North American businesses are likely to invest more in video conferencing technologies in 2022 according to IDC research. But along with these investments, organizations face other challenges such as:…
John Lovell
November 3, 2021
Making remote meetings workConferencing as a Service (CaaS)Remote WorkVirtual Communications

Managing remote meetings isn’t in your job description

Wouldn’t the hours you now have to spend trying to plan, manage and host remote meetings be better invested actually doing your primary job? One thing we know here at Intellor from two decades of planning, hosting and recording complex virtual meetings of all types: conferencing can get complicated, awfully quick. “I was never trained to manage remote meetings…” Even…
John Lovell
October 20, 2021