Best Practices: Intellor Systems

Add to your Safe Senders List

What is a Safe Senders List?
This is a whitelist which identifies messages that should not be treated as spam based on the domain of the sender. Once you add a domain to your Safe Senders list, Outlook will allow all messages from that domain.

How do I add a domain to the Safe Senders List?
Use Microsoft’s instructions to add our to your Safe Senders List – found here

Prior to the event, double-check your spam folder to ensure the configuration was successfully completed and you have not missed any important event-related messages.

Email Proxy

Emails will originate both from our staff and systems. To ensure critical information is delivered to and received by users, please whitelist the email domain.

Firewall Settings

To ensure users can access our scheduling and event sites, please allow access through the firewall to:

  1. Port 443
  2. and or
  3. 20.175.116
  4. 21.74.94
  5. 86.230.104

Best Practices: Zoom Webinars


Confirm network firewall and proxy settings are configured to support Zoom


Ensure system requirements are met or exceeded


Join the Webinar with a wired connection, disabling Wi-Fi if possible. Join with the Zoom Desktop Client; additional information here, installation here. If you must join by web, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Chromium Edge browser should be used for best performance.

Access the Zoom Desktop Client from within your Webinar

Click the shield icon at the upper-left corner of the Webinar. If you are joined with the client, you will see a gear icon at the upper-right corner of the resulting screen which will provide you with access to Settings.

 Video Settings


HD: Enable unless local bandwidth is low



TOUCH UP MY APPEARANCE: Enable; a light touch will provide an optimized but realistic view

ADJUST FOR LOW LIGHT: Disable to avoid over-exposure unless you are actually in a low-lit space

ALWAYS DISPLAY PARTICIPANT NAMES: Disable, assuming you know your fellow panelists

TURN OFF MY VIDEO WHEN JOINING: Disable so that you are video-ready

ALWAYS SHOW VIDEO PREVIEW: Enable, so that you have a quick ‘camera-ready’ check as you log in

HIDE NON-VIDEO PARTICIPANTS: Enable to avoid using unnecessary bandwidth

ENABLE STOP INCOMING VIDEO: Enable when local bandwidth is low

SEE MYSELF AS THE ACTIVE SPEAKER: Enable to see what your audience sees

MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS DISPLAYED: 25 is optimal for most webinars


OPTIMIZE VIDEO QUALITY: Enable to improve your video

USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION: Enable all settings IF your system conforms to specifications; Disable all settings IF not as this may degrade video quality.

Using Statistics

Statistics provides a real-time view of your local network, connection, bandwidth, and resource utilization, allowing your Event Producer to recommend the right optimization tactics.

Best Practices: Webex


Confirm network settings are configured to support Webex.


Ensure that system requirements are met or exceeded.


Join with a wired connection, disabling Wi-Fi if possible. Join with the Webex app if possible; installation here. If you cannot install the app, run the temporary file solution.

Event Settings >Audio

We recommend enabling the following settings: Automatically adjust volume, Unmute temporarily by holding Space bar, Sync mute button status on microphone device and “Optimize for my voice”

Event Settings > Video 

Mirror my Video: Enable

Adjust Camera Brightness: Manual 80%

Camera Resolution: 720p unless local bandwidth is low, in which case 360p

Advanced Video Settings: Enable hardware settings if available

Additionally, if your local bandwidth is low, we recommend you disable the Show Participant Video setting.

Using Health Checker

From the Help menu, select Health Checker. The Summary option will provide a snapshot of your local performance, while Audio and Video Statistics will provide more specifics. This information will allow your Event Producer to recommend the right optimization tactics.

Maintenance Window

Maintenance of Intellor proprietary systems is performed Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Eastern time. Some systems may be periodically unavailable within this window.

User action is not required following the maintenance window.

Intellor recognizes that our customers may have unplanned or crisis communication conferencing requirements arise within the maintenance window. In that case, follow standard priority request procedures and we will accommodate the requirement, using redundant systems if needed.


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