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Adding value to your next webinar

Hosting a high-profile webinar on your internal platform – and delivering the best experience for your audience – can require more time and talent than your team can spare.

Your team communicates. Trains. Liaises. Briefs. Your team doesn’t have time to configure seldom-used features, incorporate pre-recorded media, build complex registration processes, or manage and support the technology during the webinar.

Intellor experts can save you from spending time on your webinar technology so you can invest it in the most important part – the content.

Intellor Webinar Services features

Planning & configuration

  • Review meeting parameters – presenters, audience, content, interaction 
  • Recommend platform or format (e.g. meeting or webinar)
  • Configure meeting settings and invitation or registration 
  • Define media pre- and post-production requirements 

Webinar moderator

  • Provides real-time technical support to host, presenters, and participants
  • Emcees meeting
  • Moderates Q&A
  • Manages materials and participant interaction

Media services

  • Pre-record, edit, and deliver mp3 or mp4 content for live playback or on-demand access
  • Edit, transcribe, and/or caption your meeting recording
  • Provide videography crew for your Washington, DC Area meeting 

Webinar Services product guide

Learn how Intellor Webinar Services can help improve the performance and impact of your next webinar.

The Intellor advantage

Over tens of thousands of events, our webinar producers have cultivated a clear understanding of the players, priorities, and best practices for critical communications like Earnings Calls, Media Briefings, Town Hall Meetings, Citizen Engagement, and more.

We marry that earned expertise with ongoing training on industry-leading technologies to produce webinar services that help communicators get the best from their organizations’ conferencing technologies as they deliver key messages. 

Our team can help advance the objectives of IT and Telecommunications managers – expediting technology adoption and ROI – by improving communication effectiveness and boosting user confidence.

By relieving IT of Executive requests for webinar production support, we also help organizations to stay focused on critical digital transformation priorities.

Webinar Services benefits

Technical expertise

Our webinar production specialists have insight into the latest and best features of multiple industry-leading technologies – to help you get the best from your platform.


Choose the services you need, for the meeting you need – no commitments.


Leverage the best practice insights our team has amassed from producing thousands of online events for federal and corporate leaders.

Immersive experiences

Engage your stakeholders with high-quality video – live, pre-recorded for simulated live presentation, or on-demand.


Make your content available to and usable by your stakeholders, including translation, transcription, and captioning.

How to make webinars inclusive

Simple, practical webinar advice to help you make a real difference to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

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