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AT&T Exit

ICYMI: AT&T has announced end of life for all in-house and third-party audio-conferencing products & services – including Event Services. Commercial renewals will end in 2023, commercial availability in 2024. So, what does this mean for you?

Can I continue to use Event Services as a federal customer?

Yes! AT&T will continue to provide Event Services through the end of the Networx and EIS contracts – business as usual.

Can I continue to use Event Services as a commercial customer?

Yes! To ensure ongoing service, we’ll help you implement a simple agreement directly with Intellor. Until your agreement is in place, you can order Event Services through AT&T through end-of-life in November 2024.

What about other audio-conferencing products & services?

We’re here to help! Bspoke Meetings are self-managed, reservation-less calls for up to 225. Bspoke Events are reserved calls for up to 4,000, either self-managed or using Intellor operator services. 

If I am already scheduling at am I “done”?
No. Before AT&T’s exit, we’ll need to implement an agreement so that you can be billed by Intellor.

What can I expect now?
Account Managers will begin proactive outreach in the coming days. To ensure your continuous access to Event Services, they’ll be asking who/when/how we start the agreement process for your company.

What if I have questions?
Contact your Account Manager by email or at 301.250.7200.