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Polling can be a great way to increase engagement or gather feedback during online webinars, but Webex’s native capabilities limit

Three reasons to think twice about using your meeting room as an audio conferencing solution. Who just joined the call?

2 focus areas for a smooth teleconferencing services transition. We’re back with thoughts on navigating planned or unplanned service changes.

Smooth teleconference services vendor transitions consider people and process. The Intellor team has helped countless IT and telecommunications professionals navigate

7 top tips for successfully working with your conference call operator – from operators with tens of thousands of calls’

The pace at which web conferencing vendors update or add features has dramatically increased over the past few years. It’s

For federal, state, and local government or civic groups, public engagement is critical. Whether the rationale is community building, collecting

With multiple providers suspending service in 2022, teleconferencing may seem like a technology whose heyday is past. Yet enterprise organizations,

Digital Transformation. UCaaS. CCaaS. Hybrid Workforces. While IT has bigger priorities than conferencing, conferencing remains an absolute business requirement. But

Picture this: you are organizing an important webinar for multiple audiences in various locations. You schedule your Zoom Webinar, send

For the past few years, vendors, government, and corporations have been focused on video conferencing – its acquisition, expansion, and

Just as they do in physical conference setting, virtual breakout sessions can encourage valuable feedback and foster a deeper level

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