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Our mission
and values

Our mission

Intellor Group’s mission is to help enterprise and government communicate effectively with stakeholders - anywhere and everywhere - through audio, video and web conferencing

Our vision

Our vision is to provide conferencing without compromises. That’s our simple way of saying that the team and technology that comprise Intellor conferencing will provide an experience that is frictionless, inclusive, and customizable to suit different audiences and messages.

Our values

The way we deliver conferencing services reflects our values:


We work to lower barriers – technology constraints, logistical complexities, inflexible cost structures – to communicating effectively through conferencing.


We hire, train, develop, retain, and promote world-class people. Equally, we prioritize building bridges between internal teams for the benefit of our customers and our business.


We are accountable for the success of our customers’ communications. We make every effort to ensure each conference is successful, and we own any mistakes and make them right.

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