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In a video world, audio still matters.

Business and government rely on high-quality, globally available, and bandwidth-agnostic audio to communicate.

Bspoke Conferencing is the secure, reliable, scalable, integrated communication service purpose-built for audio on modern infrastructure.

Audiences matter

Some prefer the familiarity of telephone audio.

Equity matters

Low-bandwidth attendees can fully participate using available telephone audio.

Content matters

High-quality audio is the essential for effective communication.

Connection matters

Easily connect every attendee - with dial-out and call-me access in 120+ countries.

With legacy vendors sunsetting stagnant solutions and aging infrastructure, many organizations need replacement reservation-less and reserved conferencing products. Our deep expertise – nearly 15 years delivering Operator-Assisted Audio for a leading telecommunications company – positions us to provide products and services that meet immediate needs and promise a sustainable and innovative future. 

Bspoke Meetings

Reservation-less meetings for 225

Visual conference management:

  • no need to remember DTMF commands
  • see your attendees
  • know who is speaking
  • control the conversation

Options for recording, transcription, & dial-in replay

Bspoke Events

Reserved events for 4,000

All the visual conference management features of Meetings +

  • Tag attendees
  • Order Q&A queues

Options for recording, transcription & dial-in replay, as well as attendee registration and operator services

Bspoke Benefits


Visual conference management for visibility & control

Powerful Web App

Visualize and control your conference


Optional operator services when you need them


Dial-out and call-me audio in 120+ countries


Support hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Challenge the status quo

See how PIN-based calling can give you increased accuracy and greater capacity while providing faster access for your callers.

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