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Changes to Event Services email, site...

We are beginning a series of updates that will allow us to expand and modernize the services we provide you. This is the first of two communications and addresses three key changes: 

  1. October 1, 2023: Email address change

We will no longer maintain a separate email domain ( for our customers using our services through AT&T. All customers can now reach us Rest assured, your emails to will be forwarded; replies will come from Intellor.

FAQ: [email protected] is the address for information, guidance, or support for any event – whether scheduled or to-be-scheduled.

FAQ: Staff emails will maintain the first initial plus last name construct.

  1. November 1, 2023: Scheduling changes

Likewise, you will now join our other customers in scheduling at and receiving event links and communications using and [email protected], respectively.  Your Account Manager will be in touch to schedule your migration, including user communication and training.

FAQ: If you have an event scheduled, no action is required if the event is prior to November 30, 2023. We will be in touch regarding events after this date, or please contact our Scheduling Team.

  1. November 1, 2023: Webex Changes

Cisco has substantially increased rates for their integrated telephone audio. While this means we can no longer offer that audio at your AT&T-contracted rates, we have two options to support you:

  1. Schedule computer audio only (it’s the first choice of 92% of all Intellor participants)
  2. Schedule computer audio + teleconference (we’ll run our teleconference audio in parallel)

FAQ: Zoom offers integrated telephone audio and may be the right choice if Call-me/Call-in audio is important to your audiences. Your Account Manager can arrange a demo.

FAQ: If you currently have a Webex Meeting/Webinar scheduled on or before November 30, 2023, we have grandfathered it to run as scheduled – including integrated Webex telephone audio.

There are several other, smaller changes to our Webex implementation; learn more here.

Finally, if you might be interested in joining an upcoming audio-conferencing Beta Program, contact mlogan at Much more on this very exciting point soon….