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We’re glad you’re here. As AT&T sunsets its conferencing services, we expect you are looking for a committed partner, at-a-glance information, plain language, transparent pricing, and simple contracting. And, of course, knowledgeable technical resources ready to answer your unique questions. If so, you’re in the right place. AT&T is simply the latest in a string of telco exits, so we have the experienced team to help you through a seamless transition.  

While you may know us through AT&T as AT&T Event Conferencing – Enhanced (or AT&T Event Services, or AT&T Connect Event Services, or simply Event Services) we are Intellor. And for nearly 15 years, AT&T has resold Intellor Event Services – delivered by our US-based staff – to enterprise, federal, state, and local government customers. In addition to those services, our product portfolio can help to fill any or all of the audio conferencing gaps you’re currently facing. 


Bspoke Meetings

Meet instantly.


Visual management means not having to remember DTMF commands – ever

Visual management means you know – and can control – who is speaking and when

Optional: Recording, transcription, dial-in replay

Capacity: 225

Bspoke Events

Schedule now, host a Bspoke Event later.


Bspoke Meetings features +

Optional: collect data and control access with attendee registration

Optional: collect data and control access with operator-entry

Optional: Operator management

Capacity: 4,000

Intellor Events

Reserve an Intellor Event for your too-big – or too-big-to-fail – conference.


Bspoke Events features +

Operator hosts, manages, supports, and emcees your event

View the conference in progress, order the question queue, and live chat with your Operator

Capacity: 10,000


Intellor’s Bspoke Conferencing platform was born at the crossroads of conferencing’s purpose with technology limitations. While business and governments require high-quality, globally available and bandwidth-agnostic audio solutions to enable access and participation, solution availability is increasingly limited. Telcos face the constraints of inflexible and expensive infrastructure. Software innovators, on the other hand, have taken a video-first approach with little consideration for the audio-only experience. Bspoke was conceived as a secure, reliable, and scalable conferencing platform purpose-built for audio.

Intellor Events use Bspoke audio and industry-leading third-party web platforms – but are all about the people. We recruit and hire the best – candidates with a tireless focus on customer success, the will to learn continuously, demonstrated communication skills, and a strong sense of personal accountability. We provide training using various modalities, including instructor-led, asynchronous, hands-on, and shadowing. We confirm competency through testing and observation. We create opportunities to learn and grow so we can retain our most valuable assets.

We believe the right conferencing technologies and services can help you to achieve your business goals. We believe your conferencing partner should be singularly focused on and fully committed to delivering continuous and outstanding service along with innovative and superior products.  We believe your conferencing partner should offer simple terms and transparent pricing. We believe Intellor is that conferencing partner. 

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