A conference moderator makes for a smoother meeting

John Lovell

A trained, experienced conference moderator can provide a private conference to help make sure your critical meeting runs exactly as you need it to

Webinars and conference calls are such a staple of our daily work experience, we almost take them for granted. For most of them, the stakes aren’t particularly high, and if we can get through with minimal hiccups or delays, we consider that a win.

But then there are those larger, more complicated events that mean more to our businesses – company-wide town halls, earnings calls, product launches, press events. I can promise you that the folks planning, hosting and managing these meetings aren’t taking anything for granted.

We are under pressure to facilitate a seamless, smooth online event that delivers an important message effectively. And if we  are confronted with technical challenges or last-minute meeting requirements, the resulting stress levels can be high, the cost of failure steep.

In short, we could really use a professional conference moderator and a private pre-conference to cover our bases. These are services Intellor has provided for more than 20 years, helping enterprise organizations, Cabinet-level Federal agencies and municipalities to communicate more effectively using conferencing.

The advantages of a dedicated conference moderator and private pre-conference

What a dedicated conference moderator offers, more than anything else, is peace of mind. This expert also ensures a smoother experience for the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of participants complex conferences often entail.

A dedicated conference moderator can help you:

  • Prepare and set up for success
  • Get the most from the conferencing platform’s features and functionalities
  • Manage speaker and attendee audio, including Q&A

A private pre-conference:

  • Provides a ‘green room’ when you need to coordinate with fellow presenters or your conference moderator, without your audience hearing.
  • Works with – and beyond – the conferencing platform. Whether your audience is joining the webinar or connecting by telephone, your private conference is just that – private.

Intellor has your back

Intellor assigns a dedicated conference moderator to your call days ahead. S/he will reach out proactively with an introduction and some tips, and then be with you in the private conference ahead of your start to review technology and logistics and prepare for success. Your moderator can manage any or every aspect of your conference – managing the technology and materials, providing support to speakers and attendees, serving as emcee, moderating Q&A and more. Post-event, your moderator can provide the reports, recordings and insights that will make the most of your meeting or help you plan your next.

Explore the other ways that Intellor provides peace of mind and dedicated conferencing expertise for critical meetings of all kinds.

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