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Conference Scheduling: Prepare to Succeed

John Lovell

You’ve got the topic. The speakers. The audience. You need the technology.

We talk a lot about Intellor Event Producers – the on-air experts that help thousands of events run smoothly every year – but event success starts well in advance of the event. That’s where our team of conference scheduling experts comes in.

Your event. Our conference scheduling experts.

You know what you want to communicate, when, to whom and how. Our team can take it from there. Identifying the best technology. Configuring the right features. Setting up registrations or invitations. Creating pre- or post-event emails. Packaging up the details neatly, ready for you to deliver to presenters and attendees.

Whether you’re hosting an employee All Hands event, briefing the press or engaging citizens, this preparation is essential for success. Our conference scheduling experts – thousands of times each year, for more than twenty years – prepare enterprise and government organizations for audio, video, and web conferencing success.

We are with you from the first moment to, perhaps most importantly, the last minute. When you have a question. When your audience goes from 1,000 to 10,000 overnight. When your plan changes and the platform must be reconfigured but the instructions you shared with attendees cannot be changed.

Getting your conference details right, making changes easy, handling curveballs without dropping the ball – that’s the value our conferencing scheduling experts provide to customers every day. That’s conferencing without compromises.