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What it means to “conference without compromise”

John Lovell

Video, audio and web conferencing are here to stay; they’re essential tools for enabling companies and government agencies, offices and teams to communicate internally and externally.

COVID-19 has caused organizations to expand and diversify conferencing technology investments at an unprecedented pace, coupling them with a “ready or not” adoption push to ensure continued operations, regardless of pandemic conditions.

And from product scrums to departmental check-ins, organizations have been “ready,” successfully managing day-to-day business with familiar conferencing apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. These technologies neatly suit day-to-day meetings – those important to the folks involved but presenting no risk to the organization’s reputation or credibility if user errors, delays or disruptions occur.

However, when complexity is increased – events that are very large, events with sensitive content requiring controlled access, events with complex audio/visual inputs – out-of-the-box technology may not provide the necessary features or capacity. When stakes are high or public or both – when the organization’s reputation or credibility is on the line, when there’s a critical timeline that must be met, when there’s an urgent message that can’t be garbled – most users feel more “not” than ready to DIY.

When it comes to an organization’s most critical communications, of course the right technology is required, but it takes more than that to make a high-stakes event successful. Presenters must be connected – from across the world, over telephone, web or video and by various devices. Access and interaction must be controlled. Presentation materials, video feeds and polls must be managed. Support must be provided to participants. Event logistics, flow and timing must be maintained.

The requirements for success are uncompromising: a diverse conferencing technology portfolio coupled with real technology proficiency and paired with the event management expertise that comes from successfully managing all of the moving people and parts tens of thousands of times over. Intellor does this every day. We do this to enable our customers to focus on the content and audience. We do this to make critical events smooth and successful. This is conferencing without compromise.

When your communication is critical, when mistakes and interruptions simply can’t happen – that’s when you need Intellor.