Conferencing services: meeting configuration

John Lovell

Intellor helps enterprise and government organizations to maximize return on audio, video and web conferencing investments.

As we begin pandemic year three, it’s with an abundance of conferencing resources at our disposal. Organizations have invested in products like Teams, Webex and Zoom, platforms for larger webcasts and virtual events, video hardware and software, and more.

These technologies can be powerful enablers of critical communications like All Hands events, earnings calls, media briefings and citizen engagement. While these critical communications are expected to proceed flawlessly, more often than not, neither business nor IT has the time, resources, or expertise to harness the technologies effectively and fully.

That’s why Intellor now offers Conferencing Services. The expertise we’ve gained selecting, configuring, hosting, managing and supporting conferencing technologies – over more than twenty years and tens of thousands of events – can now help organizations maximize the effectiveness of their communications and the return on their conferencing technology investments.

Conferencing Services:  Set your meeting up for success

Successful communications require the right meeting type, features, and settings. If organizers and planners lack the training to optimize these parameters from the start, last-minute scrambling and technical support requests may follow.

Intellor schedules thousands of Webex and Zoom meetings each year, making us experts on constantly changing functionality. We stay on top of the latest updates and features for these platforms so that your teams don’t have to. If your meeting needs to be just right, we can help by advising the optimal configuration.

We bring seasoned conference planning experts to meet with you and scope your meeting – presenters, audience, interaction, objectives – then advise on account/event configuration within sys-admin-defined limits. We will coach you through implementation of invitations or registration if applicable and instruct you where and how to obtain post-event recording and reporting.

With over two decades’ experience in managing complex conferences of all kinds for Fortune 500 companies and cabinet-level government agencies, Intellor allows clients to focus on messages and objectives rather than technology proficiency, configuration, and management. Let us know how we can help your organization get the most out of its conference technology investments.

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