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Crisis communications in a virtual work environment

John Lovell

We continue to live through challenging times, with the COVID outbreak possibly surging again, controversies over vaccines, and a deep sense of displacement among most of the American workforce. Organizations continue to struggle with being able to communicate effectively with employees, stakeholders, customers and investors during these times of crisis.

Tools and services that enable companies of all sizes to communicate clearly and regularly with key audiences are in high demand – as is expertise to help presenters find and manage the “best match” technologies to meet their specific needs.

More than ever, personal consultation and guidance to help manage conferencing needs and ensure successful virtual communications is becoming indispensable – but is not always available from standard conferencing platforms that install an app on your machines and expect you to handle the rest. recently ran an interesting blog post about why the need for crisis communications is on the rise in these uncertain conditions we’re all living through. As businesses and other organizations struggle to adapt, from both a technology and human resources standpoint, to these challenges, Intellor continues to encourage a “people first,” consultative approach to managing effective communications with your stakeholders.

What does this mean, in practice?

  1. One platform does not fit all communication needs. Intellor employs a “technology-agnostic” approach that aligns with the most popular conference platforms, so you aren’t tied to one particular service and its limitations. We can help “best match” your conference needs by combining existing platforms with proprietary technologies.
  2. An assigned Event Producer to manage complex conference events. Having a dedicated, experienced conferencing expert who can emcee your call and manage the various technologies involved allows your presenters to focus only on the content and the message.
  3. A comprehensive approach to virtual events that includes pre-, during and post-event communications. Besides alleviating the stress and anxiety presenters may feel during the event, we also accommodate any pre-event invitation/registration needs as well as post-event media sharing and distribution. We’ll design an end-to-end virtual event in collaboration with you and make sure it comes off as planned.
  4. An expert’s touch on improving participant engagement and the overall experience of conference attendees. We can handle any in-event interaction, polling and Q&A sessions you may need to make sure audiences get the most out of your event.
  5. A flexible array of services and features so that you can choose what assistance you need to make sure your meetings come off without a hitch. Intellor offers a broad menu of services that you can choose fromso that we can customize a solution that specifically tailored for the type of meeting you are running and the requirements around it.

During such uncertain times, and with the need for virtual communications not going away any time soon, it’s clear that your organization could be called upon at any time to get important messages out to multiple audiences, across platforms, language barriers and time zones. Attempting to manage multiple platforms and technologies to make that happen in a pinch is an additional stress and challenge that most executives, team leaders and presenters don’t need. That’s exactly why Intellor has been in business for over 21 years, to help take these worries off of your plate with a technology-agnostic, personal approach to managed conferencing.

Just last night I was in conversation with an executive from a busy California-based healthcare system, and he told me, “if not for regular, face-to-face conference calls, I have no idea how my team could’ve continued to work together effectively for the past year and a half.” The need for effective virtual communications during these times of crisis is more acute than ever, no matter what your field of endeavor.

When choosing a partner to help you meet these needs, perhaps the most important factor to remember is that it’s not about finding a single technology platform or software/hardware solution. It’s about finding experts who know the conferencing world and place primary focus on the people involved: both those delivering AND those receiving your critical message.