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High time to eliminate hold times

John Lovell

Why would an organization rely on a switchboard to connect high-profile callers to a high stakes call in 2021?

Investor relations and media relations professionals are modernizing their communications with web broadcasts, live video, and more. And yet their telephone callers are still stuck at the switchboard.

Yes, the analysts, investors and media choosing to join by phone are in line, on the line, waiting for an operator, stating (and often re-stating or spelling) their name and information, waiting for their information to be validated and entered, waiting to be joined to the call. And, all the while, busy executives are ready to speak but have no audience to speak to.

For many in 2020, those precious few minutes became more than a few – 5, 10, even 20 or more. As organizations process lessons learned and prepare for continued and expanded virtual and hybrid communications, moving beyond the switchboard is another critical piece in maximizing resources and managing reputations.

As they have for years, Intellor customers reaped the benefits of modernization and scale in 2020. Registration- and invitation-based conferencing enabled high-profile analysts, investors and media to join calls in seconds. Accurate information was rapidly available to communication professionals – before and after calls – enabling both preparation and follow-up. Calls were started on-time, with complete audiences, maximizing executive time investments.

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