Policies & Procedures


  1. As a duly authorized White House Operator, request service.
  2. Receive conference information within 1 business hour by email, including: Conference Details (speaker and participant dial-in instructions, etc.) and RSVP Report link
  3. Receive post-event deliverables by email, including: Attendance Reporting and Transcript, if applicable.
  4. To make a change or cancel a conference, email [email protected] – either replying to the original receipt OR referencing the Ticket Number contained therein. You will receive an updated Conference Notification OR Conference Cancellation email.


Certain scheduling/change/cancellation requests may incur fees in accordance with the EOP contract as outlined:

  • Scheduling requests received less than 1 business day prior to the requested event start date and time or fulfilled outside of administrative hours will incur an expedite fee.
  • Change requests made less than 8 hours prior to conference scheduled start or fulfilled outside of administrative hours will incur an expedite fee.
  • Cancellation requests received with less than 8 hours but more than 1 hour notification prior to conference scheduled start time will incur an expedite fee.
  • Cancellation requests received less than 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time will incur a no-show fee.

Event Procedures

Event Services operators will open all EOP conferences 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and be available to greet the conference host and speaker(s), review event flow and logistics, etc.

Any request for additional services or changes to an existing scheduled conference MUST come from the White House Operators. Requests from conference hosts will be directed back to the White House Operators.

Event Features

Conference Format: Conferences may be conducted in Interactive or Broadcast mode. All audio controls are available to your AT&T operator in an Interactive teleconference: all lines open, all lines muted but with participant self-management enabled, all lines muted and locked by the operator. Note that the Interactive mode is available only for conferences with fewer than 250 participants.

Separate Speaker Line: A separate speaker line brings all speakers together on a private line, enabling private pre- and post-conference conversation between speakers and/or the AT&T operator. The operator will bridge this line with the main conference at start.

Participant List: If you require a participant list (individually identifying information) you may choose invitation or pre-registration. If you have a defined universe of potential attendees, simply provide a .csv or Excel file (first name, last name and email address in separate columns) and Event Services will issue an email invitation containing unique access instructions to each prospective attendee. Alternatively, you may request pre-registration. In this case, Event Services will provide an online registration link for you to distribute. The invitation model enables post-conference attendance reporting. The pre-registration model enables both pre-conference registration reporting and post-conference attendance reporting.

Conference Recording: If you request a recording, you may determine the recording format before or after your conference. Standard files such as mp3 and mp4 will be delivered to Brian DeGuzman and Hina Rafi via WHCA Safe Send. Written transcripts and dial-in replay audio instructions will be sent by email to the White House Operators.

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