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MP4 Recording with Video
Standard Delivery 1 business day 3 business days
Expedited Delivery 2 hours 1 business day
Immediate Delivery   2 hours

A Bspoke Replay makes your event recording available for 30 days by toll and toll-free telephone dial-in.

Standard delivery for a Bspoke replay is 1 business day. Expedited delivery is available within 2 hours.

If you wish to request extended access, email [email protected].

A Web Replay makes your event recording available for online playback – including download, pause and fast forward – for a 30-day period.

Standard delivery for a web replay is 3 business days. Expedited delivery is available within 1 business day.

If you wish to extend the hosting period, email [email protected]


AI Transcript

Human Transcript


Standard Delivery

1 business day

3 business days

2 business days

Expedited Delivery

2 hours

1 business day

1 business day

What is a “custom glossary”? A custom glossary is the mechanism for you to provide information that may enhance the accuracy of your transcript or captioning file. Every conference can benefit from providing speaker names, but conferences that include acronyms or technical (industry-specific, scientific, medical, etc.) terms will benefit particularly. This service is included with the AI-generated “Intellor Transcript” product.

How do I provide a glossary? You should provide your glossary via a word document or an excel file attached to any email associated with your request ticket ID, that is any email where the subject starts like this [##EVTID##]. You must email us this file BEFORE the start of your event to ensure that we have adequate time to incorporate it in your transcript.

What can my glossary include?

Speaker Names: Please include all speakers

Up to 15 Acronyms and/or Technical Terms:

• Use one or multiple words to describe a single object/concept
• A word can be no longer than 34 characters, a phrase no longer than 12 words
• Numbers are not supported, though common terms (e.g. 401k) are recognized by default
• Dashes are ignored (“this-and-that” will render as “this and that”)
• Ampersands will be treated as the word “and”
• Feel free to add special characters. They will be ignored during speech recognition but will be included in the output. For example, if you submit Yahoo! as a custom vocabulary, speech recognition will transcribe Yahoo! when it recognizes ‘yahoo’ in the audio.
• An initialism (pronounced as individual letters – like “DNA”) may be submitted as “DNA” or “D.N.A.”
• An acronym (typically pronounced as a word) must contain at least 3 letters and must be pronounced letter by letter. For example, you must state “A.S.A.P.” rather than “A sap” for the acronym to be recognized.

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