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Platform Capacity: Up to 6,000

The Intellor Conference Manager (ICM) gives you a visual interface to view attendees, monitor the question queue and communicate via chat with your Event Producer and fellow organizers or speakers.

How to Request ICM

ICM access is provided for all calls using Registration or Invitation. If your call will not use these features but you’d like to request ICM, simply make a note in the special instructions.

How to Access ICM

You will be provided a single link, which you may share with multiple organizers or speakers. Each may join with name and email up to 15 minutes prior to the call’s scheduled start.

ICM Technical Requirements

All web browsers are supported, but Google Chrome is strongly recommended. ICM is not optimized for use on mobile devices. To ensure access to ICM within your organization, allow network access to Port 443 and the URL

Organizers will initiate a request on this site. Immediately on submission, an email receipt is generated, containing the ticket number that will follow the webinar throughout its lifecycle.

Our scheduling staff will respond to the ticket within 48 hours with connection details and other necessary information, including an Event ID and a link to real-time registration reporting, if registration is requested.

Following the call, an attendance report will be delivered by email from the Event Producer. If requested, conference archives – .mp3 file, dial-in replay, or transcript – will be delivered by email.

Join Early

You may join your audio conference 15 minutes prior to its scheduled start. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to ensure audio connections are strong and to review the run-of-show with your Event Producer.

We recommend you connect from a landline using a headset. If you’re planning a dry run and live event, we suggest you conduct both from the same location.

Hybrid Events

If you will have in-room audience and A/V, we suggest you have an A/V technician onsite and that we arrange to communicate in real-time via a separate comm line OR that your technician join the conference monitor chat.

Join the Event

The event host may require you to pre-register, or simply provide you with dial-in instructions. In either case, use the provided information to join at or just prior to the scheduled start. You will be “on hold” until the host starts the event.

Each Intellor Event is assigned to an Event Producer (EP) when it is scheduled. Prior to the event, the EP will answer questions and offer guidance to the organizer.

During the event, the EP will moderate the session, manage the technology, and support speakers and attendees.  

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