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Intellor Events: Zoom Webinars

Platform Capacity: Up to 5,000
Software Plugins:
Connectivity Test:

Audio Options:

Zoom Computer AudioAfter connection to the webinar

Join webinar

Listen over device speakers

Zoom Phone AudioAfter connection to the webinar

Join webinar

Have webinar call your phone or

Call in to the webinar

Intellor TeleconferenceAt schedulingDial in by telephone (no webinar connection)

Key Features:

CaptioningHuman captioning or AI live transcription are supportedYour Event Producer can set up in-event
InterpretationLanguage channel(s) enable simultaneous interpretation by your translator(s)Scheduling must set up requested language(s) prior to your event
Q&AZoom’s Q&A feature is enabled by defaultIf you wish to disable, Scheduling must do so prior to your event
PollingRobust polling & testing capabilities are availableMultiple or complex polls must be pre-configured.

When to Choose: Zoom is the choice for video-web events with more than 1,000 participants, and is an excellent choice for any webinar requiring Call-me audio or support for a wide range of video hardware. 

Schedule Your Zoom Webinar

  1. Initiate the request at
  2. Receive automated request receipt immediately, via email
  3. Within 48 hours, receive your event details and Event Producer assignment via email from Intellor Events ([email protected])


Access Your Zoom Registration Report
Your event details email will include a link to download registrations in real-time.

Receive Your Zoom Event Reports
Attendance, Chat, and/or Polling reports will be emailed by your Event Producer within 24 hours of your event.

Receive Event Archives
Archives – including recordings, replays, or transcripts – will be delivered by our multimedia team as soon as all are complete.

Prepare for Event Success

Email presentation materials & polling questions to your Event Producer – including your request number in the subject line as [## 12345 ##] – so they can prepare for your successful event.


Join Early

Join the Zoom Webinar 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start via the provided speaker link and then choose between computer and call-me audio.

The Zoom Webinar will be in Practice Session – providing a 30-minute pre-event with your Event Producer to have your audio/video checked and optimized, review event logistics, and prepare for success.

Joining from a video endpoint? The Event Producer can provide SIP or H.323 call-in instructions during the pre-event.

Joining by phone only? Identify yourself as a speaker by pressing #2.

Join the Event

The webinar host organizer may require you to pre-register, or simply provide you with a join link. In either case, use the link to join at or just prior to the scheduled start. You will be “on hold” until the host starts the broadcast.

Choose Your Audio

After the webinar starts, you may use Zoom computer audio or choose telephone, if your host has allowed it. Alternatively, your host may have provided a separate phone number; use this only if you will not join by computer.

Each Intellor Event is assigned to an Event Producer (EP) when it is scheduled. Prior to the event, the EP will answer questions and offer guidance to the organizer.

During the event, the EP will moderate the session, manage the technology, and support speakers and attendees. The EP will be identified and reachable in the interface as “Intellor Events.”

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