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Introducing Intellor

John Lovell

It’s a funny thing to write a birth announcement when your baby is old enough to join you in the champagne toast, but here we are – Intellor Group, Inc. was founded twenty-one years ago.

Intellor was born when conference calls required us to extract our cards from our wallets and before Webex was the Kleenex of conferencing. Intellor came of age during a time when, if a teleconference was really, really important, we dialed in and gave our name to an operator. In the earliest days of Intellor, many organizations didn’t have web conferencing software – and most communicators didn’t have the license or know-how to drive it anyway. Intellor was born from a belief that virtual communications would become an imperative, but communicators’ focus had to be on critical messaging, not medium.

So, we built an Event Management System that made complicated scheduling easy, and we made it talk to multiple conferencing platforms to help give our customers consistent event experiences no matter the conference type or technology. We empowered our scheduling experts to combine technologies and configure features and functionality to match our customers’ engagement and interaction goals. We rigorously trained a core team of Event Producers – not simply to manage and support technologies, but our customers as well. We constructed dedicated production studios and supplied them with redundant infrastructure. We created “Conferencing as a Service.” And then, we built a business by entering into an agreement with AT&T through which Intellor services have been – and continue to be – resold.

We now proudly support thousands of users and millions of participants on behalf of enterprise customers across five continents and we partner with numerous Federal, State and Local government agencies. We power critical communications – to employees, constituents, investors and press. We help our customers address mergers and acquisitions, layoffs and divestitures, crisis communications and, sometimes, global crises.

With our bona fides firmly established and the pandemic making our mission as clear and more relevant than ever – helping our customers focus on the message, not the medium – the moment feels right. With pride and pleasure, we introduce our twenty-one-year-old baby to the market for the first time by its name – meet Intellor.