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Managed conferencing vs. DIY

John Lovell

Conferencing has become a common workplace tool – as familiar as email and spreadsheets. As a result, most users confidently DIY most conferences. But a conference with a high-stakes topic, high-profile participants, or a high degree of technical complexity poses a high risk if it all goes wrong.

You may benefit from an experienced managed conferencing partner – saving your organization critical time and resources and your users unnecessary stress – when:

  1. Technology is great, but sometimes and for some users it doesn’t work. Do you have the cycles to help attendees navigate the technology? To ‘drive the slides’ when your keynote speaker loses web connectivity and can rejoin only by phone?
  2. Familiar technology is great but unfamiliar technology or features can be as distracting as they are enabling of a critical conference. Do you know how the polling feature in your meeting room differs from your webinar platform? Do you feel confident pivoting from your internal collaboration software to a webinar platform that works for external stakeholders?
  3. Technology + telephone is a necessity. Not every webinar platform provides adequate capacity, quality, or global availability of telephone audio. Do you need a fast path to equitable access?
  4. Moving parts and people are moving your focus from the message. Do you have multiple speakers and multiple slide decks and no time for transitions? Does it take more time to manage the flow of people (media, executives, board, etc.) into and within the meeting than to manage the flow of information?

Intellor helps enterprise and government organizations to manage or get the most from conferencing technology; access scalable, global telephony to provide equitable access; obtain professional services to manage the people at the heart of a conference; complement organizational investments with conferencing technology as a service.

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