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Managing remote meetings isn’t in your job description

John Lovell

Wouldn’t the hours you now have to spend trying to plan, manage and host remote meetings be better invested actually doing your primary job?

One thing we know here at Intellor from two decades of planning, hosting and recording complex virtual meetings of all types: conferencing can get complicated, awfully quick.

“I was never trained to manage remote meetings…”

Even with the proliferation and wide-spread use of conferencing platforms and tools,  most people tasked with hosting remote meetings for critical audiences have not been trained to maximize the technology required to support complex conferences.

So what happens? Do they take time away from the jobs they should be doing to watch videos, read release notes, consult online forums and otherwise search for resources that might help them to better understand the functionality of their conferencing platform of choice and how to manage it efficiently?  Do they delegate to an admin – who may also lack the training and experience to get the most from a conferencing platform? Do they sacrifice the engagement they want for what they can get by winging it? What if something goes wrong during the remote meeting itself? Peoples’ time is wasted, presenters and participants get frustrated and, worst of all, company credibility and reputation are damaged. As the cliché goes, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Consider that today’s most popular conferencing platforms – including Webex, Teams, and Zoom – are being updated and changed at a rapid pace. New features are being added all the time, old features changed or removed – often without even an announcement reaching users.

How can a professional possibly keep up with these changes and maintain proficiency on these platforms? And to translate that into the real world: what happens during your next company all hands or town meeting, when your conferencing platform’s interface has changed and you no longer know how to manage the Q&A function?

A smarter way to handle remote meetings

There is a much smarter, more efficient way to manage your remote meetings – and that is to partner with experts who have lived, breathed and slept ONLY conferencing for nearly as long as the technology has existed.

At Intellor, we don’t sell a platform or a technology. Instead, we are experts in the complex art of managing conferences and remote meetings – for Federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, international NGO’s, municipalities, and almost any kind of organization there is. And we bring that experience to serve any conferencing need you may have – from full-on remote meeting moderation and hosting, to providing niche services like multimedia recordings, audio configuration and conference set-up and configuration.

Instead of getting frustrated about the time spent and stress you experience whenever your next company town hall, earnings call or product launch comes around, consider talking to Intellor. We specialize in helping organizations of all types manage remote meetings more effectively via audio, video or web conferencing services. Not only can we give you back some time to focus on core business duties, we can also provide something you will truly value: peace of mind.