No substitute for experience in virtual event management

John Lovell

There’s been a frenzy of new funding and virtual meeting start-ups to address issues uncovered in the changing world of online organizational communications. Meanwhile, Intellor continues to do what we’ve been doing since 2000: provide personal, end-to-end managed conferencing services for those critical, “can’t fail” meetings and events.

Over on the Smart Meetings web site, there’s an article detailing the many recent acquisitions and new players entering the virtual event management arena in response to new demand for online and/or “hybrid” work solutions. From the big telcos and software giants (think Verizon and Microsoft) to trendy startups launched within the last six months, we are seeing a huge influx of investment capital and energy dedicated to solving professional meeting needs in a post-pandemic work environment.

There’s no question that virtual event management needs have exploded in the fallout from 2020, and businesses and organizations of all types are evaluating what tools and services will help them communicate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness going forward.

Fortunately, this is exactly was Intellor was founded for and has been focused on for over 20 years. Long before the pandemic changed the way organizations work and communicate (likely permanently), Intellor has been delivering conferencing without compromises.

What does this look like for us? Here are some numbers from the past year that speak to the depth of our experience:

At Intellor we take ownership of the technology so that our customers can focus on their employees. We deliver each conference as a service – comprised of the right technologies from our portfolio of industry-leading platforms plus professional services – before, during and after the event.

We do this every day across five continents for businesses, government agencies and NPOs who are smart enough to know when they need a smarter way to do conferencing. So whether your event is a virtual town hall meeting, investor relations call, company-wide training, press conference or organizational all hands conference, Intellor has managed them all – and will help your high priority, high stakes messages come across seamlessly.

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