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The Cognitive Burden of Conferencing

Conferencing Service to lighten cognitive burden

Ten years ago, conferencing meant teleconferencing as often as web. Ten years ago, web conferencing vendors charged thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars for large-scale web conferencing licenses. Ten years ago, large-scale meant more than a thousand attendees. Ten years ago, companies and government agencies planned, prepared, practiced, and maybe even prayed […]

Lessons from the Pandemic: Takeaways for Teleconference Hosts

Open and closed locks

In all the talk of “lessons from the pandemic” for virtual and hybrid communication, the focus has been on video/web conferencing. But there are takeaways for teleconferencing, too. How about “How to avoid Zoom-bombing” when hosting a teleconference? These simple tactics can get you there when you host a reserved conference – giving you control […]

Battle of the Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions can be a great way to inform or engage your webinar audience. But with Webex Webinars’ new breakout functionality differing substantially from Webex Meetings, it’s essential to select the platform that matches your goals. Planning to Inform? Webinars. Access: An attendee self-selects a breakout session unless registration/pre-assignment is set up.  Audio: An attendee is muted […]

When a Microsoft Teams meeting dial in couldn’t meet requirements for citizen engagement, this state government agency turned to Intellor.

Woman on phone

When the pandemic closed committee and hearing rooms, state and local governments required new ways to fulfill obligations to engage constituents. Many looked to internal Teams infrastructure, assuming it would suit evolving requirements. But for some communities and communications, it fell short, leaving communicators to balance challenges, including: Internal stakeholders’ desire to use Teams – […]

Better online webinars with Slido polling

online webinars

Polling can be a great way to increase engagement or gather feedback during online webinars, but Webex’s native capabilities limit the nature of polls you can create and require you to create them during your online webinar rather than allowing you to prepare them ahead of time. Happily, the new Slido plug-in for Webex Webinars […]

Audio conferencing solution via meeting room?

Audio conferencing solution hardware in an empty conference room

Three reasons to think twice about using your meeting room as an audio conferencing solution. Who just joined the call? Given the prominence of video/web conferencing, that question may seem like a throwback to days of old. But given the simple market reality – billions of teleconferencing minutes occurring every year – it’s a question […]

Teleconferencing services transition planning?

Teleconferencing services vendor and customer shake hands in building lobby

2 focus areas for a smooth teleconferencing services transition. We’re back with thoughts on navigating planned or unplanned service changes. Need a quick reminder of our bona fides on the topic? The Intellor team has helped countless IT and telecommunications professionals successfully navigate teleconferencing services transitions over the past decade. Last time, we talked process. […]

Teleconference services change?

Teleconference services vendor and customer handshake

Smooth teleconference services vendor transitions consider people and process. The Intellor team has helped countless IT and telecommunications professionals navigate planned teleconference services transitions over the past decade. But with so many of our former peers limiting or eliminating services over the past year, we’ve seen an unfortunate increase in unplanned transitions, creating undue strain […]