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Conferencing services: meeting moderation

John Lovell

Intellor expertise – honed across tens of thousands of meetings and webinars – helps enterprise and government organizations maximize conferencing impact.

Meetings haven’t gotten easier over the past two years. Audiences are dispersed. Attendees are fatigued. Conferencing technologies have changed – and continue to do so, frequently, and substantively.

When you’re organizing a meeting that requires a level of professionalism to match the importance of your message, the last thing you need is to sweat the technology.

Intellor alleviates stress for meeting planners and presenters by taking the technology lead. With tens of thousands of Webex Meetings, Webex Events and Zoom Webinars under our belts, we know the latest and greatest features, and how they best apply to virtually every event profile. Live video? Polling? Language translation? We’ve used them all and can help you get the most from them.

Not only that, but our experienced conference moderators can also prepare your presenters, emcee your meeting, manage the flow, and facilitate audience engagement. It’s like bringing in a veteran quarterback to manage the playbook (and the clock) so that you can focus exclusively on scoring with your content and meeting objectives.

Intellor’s professional, experienced conference moderators put presenters at ease, ensure attendees are engaged and manage the people and platforms that must come together for event success. Let us know how we can help your organization conference without compromises.