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There’s some “thing” about Intellor Event Producers

John Lovell

Intellor clients regularly provide post-conference feedback. Recently, we shared some particularly glowing comments about one of our Event Producers (EP) with him. His response? “I’m glad they felt it was exceptional service, but I’m just doing my thing.”

So, what is that “thing” and what does it mean for Intellor customers? We asked our EP to tell us more.

Preparation is a Science. And an Art.

“I have a sequence of questions and a checklist for every conference.” We have a solid understanding of customer objectives – what they want to say, to whom, how they want to engage – before an event starts. But a scientific “pre-flight checklist” reinforces the customer’s expectations and assures the customer the meeting is in excellent hands. It also helps to ensure Intellor customers enjoy a consistent, predictable experience from one Event Producer to the next.

“I’ve also been doing this long enough that I almost immediately get a sense before the event begins on how comfortable the presenters are. If I sense some hesitation or anxiety, I can more actively offer tips and assistance. But when they’re clearly more experienced, I know to hold back and be available as needed.”  Art – humanity, intuition, demeanor, tone – makes the difference for Intellor customers. We empower our EPs with the information to provide consistent and predictable experiences, and the autonomy to provide outstanding experiences.

Banish butterflies.

Intellor customers count on our EPs to take care of speakers, participants, interactions, and details – from acting as emcee to managing Q&A – so that they can focus on the content. As another customer put it, “I always get butterflies before these things, but never about the technology or logistics with you managing them.” That’s because we make the customer aware that “…they need only concern themselves with their own content. I will take care of the details and make sure the flow of the program goes exactly as requested.”

Technology is great when it works. Intellor is great when it doesn’t.

“I’ve been told that I have a calm tone and I always try to exude a quiet confidence.” It happens. Your computer restarts itself in the middle of your presentation. A little bit of science (asking for a copy of the presentation beforehand) and a dash of art (having redundant slides at the ready for you to present by telephone) can turn a showstopper into a blip.

Sometimes it takes a village.

“When a client works with us, they’re not just getting one person – they’re getting a team of experts that has worked on every kind of event imaginable.” That means that, in the rare event your EP doesn’t have your answer, there’s a big, strong bench behind him or her. Better yet, there are diverse skills (video producers, editors, scheduling specialists) your EP can tap to provide services that will enhance your event.

Get in touch if you’d like to explore how that “thing” might improve your next critical conference.