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Intellorisms: Stress-free management of pre-event communications

John Lovell

Marketers and external communicators rely on customer relationship management or marketing automation systems to simplify critical tasks around conference registration and scheduling management.

As an internal communicator, do you have a simple answer to managing schedules, invitations, registrations, and pre- or post-event emails? Intellor can automate and optimize these tasks, freeing you to focus on you content. Here’s how we can simplify these critical tasks for you:

Conference registration

We can help you to promote or control access, whether your audience is clearly defined or flexible.

Use conference registration to entice registrants with a compelling session description, capture key information to inform your preparations, or solicit questions in advance. Send pre-event reminders to help convert registrants to attendees. Share your recording post-event with registrants or attendees.

Send a targeted invitation when your audience is clear and specific to ensure only the ‘right’ people join your conference.

Schedule management

Last-minute changes happen. Working out how to execute them is one thing. Worrying how they might affect participants is another. We handle last-minute changes for clients every day – most of the time with no impact to participants thanks to our proprietary technology. And if participants will be impacted? We can work together on email language alerting all invitees or registrants to the change.

Handing conference registration and schedule management processes to Intellor gives clients around the world the confidence to pour their resources into delivering the best message possible. Let’s talk about how we can help simplify pre-event communications for the participants of your next important conference.