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Intellorisms: Red light or red carpet?

John Lovell

We hope this new Intellorisms series (an Intellorism demonstrates a specific fulfillment of our mission to enable our customers to communicate effectively through audio, video and web conferencing) provides ideas for using conferencing to communicate more effectively.

Our second Intellorism answers the question: When a select group of attendees needs pre-meeting access, am I stuck with a red light? Or can I roll out a red carpet?

A client recently came to us with this scenario: they were hosting a large meeting for grantees and members of the community, but they needed the first thirty minutes for their own staff plus a small group of advisors. Separating the two groups was imperative. Separating into two meetings was impractical. Leaving any stakeholder stuck at a “red light” waiting for access was a nonstarter.

Their conferencing platform would have allowed them to separate the groups, but it didn’t enable their preferred user experience. While they didn’t want early grantees and community members to see the advisory meeting, they also didn’t want those attendees stuck at a “red light.” Instead, they wanted them to join the session and view the agenda. They also needed the flexibility to enable each advisory partner to send multiple staff to the meeting and wanted the convenience of sending one link to the partners.

Tapping into Intellor’s experience

When outside-the-box thinking met off-the-shelf technology limitations, the client called Intellor. After a consultation, we provided a Conferencing as a Service solution fronted by the IntellorTM Event Management System (EMS). The EMS enabled organizers to roll out the red carpet early for staff and advisory partners with a single link granting early access. A separate EMS link allowed attendees to join early, but to view only the larger meeting agenda and not the advisory meeting.

Coupling Intellor’s proprietary EMS platform with 20+ years’ experience running virtually every kind of conference you can imagine means that we – and our customers – are prepared to think outside the box. That’s an Intellorism. Before you settle for what is, talk to Intellor about what could be.