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John Lovell

Last year’s holiday season – along with the rest of the year – passed in a blur. There was no pause for reflection or gratitude; there was no pause at all.

This year, we pause, and I’m privileged to share why so many of us are grateful to be part of Intellor. Because the past two years have taken the measure of many businesses, and I’m proud to say that Intellor’s prioritization of people measures up.

The speed and scope of investment last year – to rapidly equip as many as possible to work remotely, to minimize the number of onsite staff, to implement social distancing protocols exponentially greater than required, to provide protective supplies, to increase cleaning services – was incredible.

The focus on maintaining our “work hard, play hard” culture was no less impactful. While the Chili Cookoff, margarita machine, and infamous, all-staff + family holiday party fell victim to the pandemic, the custom “There’s Something About Intellor” gift boxes delivered to every single employee recognized that we value these traditions because they show Intellor values people.

And our people are invaluable. Our IT organization has navigated required changes in technology and access flawlessly. Our training department has juggled an influx of new hires and new technology training to meet customer need. Our scheduling and multimedia teams have quickly fulfilled demand at extraordinary scale. Our Event Producers have learned new technologies to enable hybrid communications while continuing to provide outstanding service. Our administrative staff have answered phones and organized… everything. Our Customer Success teams have helped customers understand our services to realize the greatest value from them. Our Product group has integrated new technologies and features to help us do more, and better.

While that’s merely a peek, there IS something about Intellor, and we are all grateful to be a part of it. Whether you are reading as a colleague, a customer, or a partner, we are grateful for you and we wish you and yours all the joys of the season.