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Maximize your investment in video meeting technologies

John Lovell

Since the pandemic has altered the way work gets done around the world, many large companies and agencies are going “all in” with their investments in video meeting technologies; 90% of North American businesses are likely to invest more in video conferencing technologies in 2022 according to IDC research.

But along with these investments, organizations face other challenges such as: how can we drive adoption of these platforms among our teams? How do we train and educate our people to become proficient users of these tools, and how do we support them if things go wrong? And finally, what can we be doing to achieve the maximum return on this significant investment?

At Intellor, we don’t develop audio, video or web conferencing platforms – instead, what we offer is over two decades’ worth of experience in helping organizations to become proficient in using these technologies to create seamless and professional experiences for their audiences.

Here are some of the many ways that we improve, augment, or optimize your online meetings to make sure your messages consistently meet your high standards:

  • Staying current with your conferencing software – Keeping up with the latest updates, features and iterations of your existing video meeting platform can be quite a task (in a recent month, Zoom had over 11 new software updates!). Intellor keeps pace with the major conferencing tools and can advise you on what you need to know, and what you don’t, to remain proficient.
  • Training to bolster event management skills – Intellor has hosted and managed almost every kind of event imaginable using Webex or Zoom. We can share our expert knowledge of the ins and outs of these tools to bolster your team’s skill set and help maximize the investment you’ve made in these applications.
  • “Turnkey” events – Whether an event comes is too complex or high-stakes to fail or requires capabilities that one single platform won’t cover, Intellor can provide conferencing technology as a service. We deliver hosted and custom solutions, assigned to an Event Producer accountable for your success. Your EP will support you from preparation to post-event impact assessment, as well as provide technical assistance behind the scenes to make sure your audiences stay engaged and speakers stay focused on their message.

After 21+ years of lending our expertise to Fortune 500 companies and 9 out of 15 Cabinet-level government agencies, these are only some of the ways we can assist you to make sure that the investments you have made in video meeting technologies and tools pay off the way you need them to. For more information, let’s start a conversation and learn what your specific video meeting requirements are.