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Introducing the Intellorism

John Lovell

Merriam-Webster defines “ism” as a manner of action or behavior characteristic of a (specified) person or thing. An Intellorism, therefore, demonstrates a specific fulfillment of our mission to enable our customers to communicate effectively through audio, video and web conferencing. We’re pleased to launch this Intellorism series to both share stories that exemplify our mission and provide enterprise and government with ideas for using conferencing to communicate more effectively.

Our first Intellorism is simple but powerful: giving you the ability to “direct traffic” to online meeting platforms.

If you regularly organize webinars, you are doubtless familiar with this anxiety-inducing scenario: you scheduled the Americas conference, sent the join link, and confirmed your executive presenter. She confirmed her participation – and that she extended the join link to the Americas…and EMEA. The meeting you created and the join link you provided don’t have adequate capacity to support this larger audience. Now what?!?

A variation of this scenario plays out regularly for Intellor customers, but never causes a panic to “fix it.” That’s because the IntellorTM Event Management System (EMS) buffers our customers – from capacity changes, platform changes, simple “uh-oh I sent the Tuesday link to the Thursday audience” human errors, and the “I want to send one link for a meeting that repeats over three days” asks that would otherwise cause a scramble.

That link that you sent for the Americas – and that your executive sent to EMEA? Doesn’t have to change. The Intellor EMS will simply direct traffic to the online meeting platform that meets the changed requirements.

Coupling our proprietary EMS platform with 20+ years’ experience running virtually every kind of conference you can imagine means that we – and our customers – are prepared for any last-minute curveballs. That’s an Intellorism.

Before your next “what now?!?” moment, talk to Intellor.