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Levelling up your conferencing in 2022

John Lovell

As 2021 rolls into 2022, one trend shows no sign of letting up any time soon: organizations will continue to rely on conferencing technologies to conduct critical business communications and deliver important messages to both internal and external audiences.

So it’s reasonable to ask the question as the year draws to a close: how effectively do you think your team is utilizing its conferencing platforms and tools? Are you getting the most out of your investments in these technologies? If not, how will you go about upping your game when it comes to maximizing the impact of your communications, while minimizing the time spent executing them, in 2022?

Our latest infographic explains that if audio, video and web conferencing are must-haves, then planning, execution and follow-up are the must-do’s to ensure success. But most organizations lack some combination of the time, resources and skills/training to cover these ancillary tasks with the necessary proficiency and professionalism.

That is exactly where Intellor comes in. When you engage with us, you’re not replacing your previous conferencing solution or adding a new software platform to your tech stack. Instead, you are partnering with a team of conferencing experts that can either manage events for you, or provide expert guidance and assistance “behind the scenes” to make sure your messages hit their mark.

Intellor can help maximize the effectiveness of your conferences and virtual communications in 2022 by bringing to the table:

  1. Experience – since the year 2000, we’ve been managing audio, video and web conferencing events – and advising their organizers and planners – for organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies and Cabinet-level government agencies. Earnings calls, press conferences, global town halls, product launches, company-wide training events – whatever type of events you can think of, chances are we’ve hosted them. And whatever type of technical issues you can imagine, chances are we’ve handled them.
  2. Expertise – We keep current with all major conferencing technologies and tools and can advise accordingly. When specific event requirements demand solutions that go beyond what your current platform can manage, we use our own proprietary tools to meet those needs – from pre-event registration and invitations, to post-event follow-up and file sharing.
  3. Efficiency – Very often your events will require audience engagement and participation, but managing these activities while also presenting can be distracting and stressful. A distracted and stressed out presenter/host can lead to meeting delays and disruptions. Intellor specializes in making sure that conferences flow with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We’ll provide expert Event Producers and technical staff that can either run your meeting for you, or provide private lines for real-time consultation and troubleshooting, so that your participants’ experience is in line with your standards.

So as the year turns and your organization seeks to take your virtual meetings to another level, ask Intellor how we can help to uncomplicate your communications and maximize the ROI of your conferencing investments.