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Managed conferencing: IT’s answer to the business ask

John Lovell

Digital Transformation. UCaaS. CCaaS. Hybrid Workforces. While IT has bigger priorities than conferencing, conferencing remains an absolute business requirement. But with teleconferencing vendors exiting the market and video-web conferencing platforms that don’t always ‘just work’ for every user, conferencing is now straining many IT staffs.

Having signed up for deployment, user and version management, IT is now being asked to replace exiting vendors and produce high-profile events for busy executives and ‘too-important-to-fail’ messages. When business turns to IT, where can IT turn?

Look to a Managed Conferencing Provider

IT has partnerships – technology for video-web conferencing and telecommunications for audio conferencing – focused on product. A managed conferencing provider is the ‘third leg’ of an optimized conferencing stool. Your managed conferencing provider ensures business has continuous access to operator-assisted audio conferencing, regardless of product vendor exits. Equally, your managed conferencing provider offers the platform expertise that business demands, and that IT is not resourced to deliver.

For more than 20 years and across a variety of industry-leading conferencing platforms, Intellor has provided managed conferencing – audio and video-web – to enterprise and government. We work with business to seamlessly execute complex and critical communications and provide IT a partner to turn to for:

  • Operator-assisted audio conferencing – think earnings and press calls
  • Event planning and production services – think executive Town Halls & Hybrid Events

If you’re looking for a managed conferencing partner to extend your IT team’s capacity, talk to Intellor.