Simplify your virtual town hall meeting

John Lovell

If your organization is hosting a CXO virtual town hall meeting, that CXO’s priority is message.

If you are the organizer of that meeting, you need to be sure the conferencing technology enables that message and employee engagement. That means:

  • Assessing your available conferencing platforms to select the best fit
  • Configuring the meeting and invitations or registration
  • Getting familiar with the latest platform features to optimize engagement
  • Ensuring accessibility for all participants
  • Coordinating speakers, presentation materials, and videos
  • Managing the technology, audience, and interactions
  • Producing accessible recordings and transcripts

When we talk about conferencing without compromises, it means our clients can leave one – or all – of these tasks with us. We bring decades of conferencing expertise to each event, enabling our clients to:

  • Focus on message development and delivery
  • Concentrate on engagement, impact, and outcomes
  • Trust the technology and management to Intellor

We harness platforms, manage people, and simplify processes so that a high-stakes event – whether a virtual town hall meeting, citizen engagement, earnings call, or stakeholder training session – isn’t a high-stress production. Let’s start a conversation today to see how we can uncomplicate your communications and free you up to focus on what matters.

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