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Don’t let technology restrict your webinar success

If your internal platform is not fit for purpose when it comes to running your next webinar, Intellor can help.

Drawing from our portfolio of 3rd party technologies, we select the platform that best meets your requirements and removes the technology barriers that can hamper success. For example, if your license only allows for 100 participants yet your event needs to host 5000, Intellor can provide the platform that can support you. Or if your platform is not supported by your partners, or your co-presenter’s video codec is incompatible, Intellor can assist.

Intellor Webinar Hosting features

Planning & configuration

  • Review meeting parameters – Select the platform with sufficient capacity to support your participants. 
  • Test integration requirements – Will the platform need to work with partner organizations or co-hosts?
  • Configure platform functionality – What features will make for the most engaging and interactive event? 
  • Scope accessibility needs – Will your audience need to be supported with ASL or language interpretation, captioning or live transcription? 

Technology support

  • Host on the best-matching technology – from an industry-leading provider – for your meeting requirements.
  • Our operations team will configure the meeting, invitations or registration, provide all reports, and deliver a final recording if requested.
  • Our production staff will manage and provide real-time support for the technology, as well as emcee and moderate your webinar.

Webinar Hosting product guide

Learn how Intellor Webinar Hosting can help improve the performance and impact of your next webinar.

The Intellor advantage

Organizations need to make focused technology investments that deliver real return.

We marry earned expertise with the ongoing technology training that communicators need. When there’s a conflict between the organization’s technology and the mission, Intellor brings a targeted, turnkey, webinar as a service solution.

The communicator gets the preferred features, capacity, availability, or interoperability – and the professional services that ensure the critical message is seamlessly delivered. The organization takes a targeted approach to the use case, preventing dilution of its technology investments. 

Webinar Hosting benefits


The platform you need for a particular webinar – no commitments.

Technical expertise

Our production staff – with their continuous education on the latest and best features – will help you get the best from the platform.


Leverage the best practice insights our team has amassed from producing thousands of meetings for federal and corporate leaders.

Case study

Discover how Intellor helped a large association to modernize member leadership communications, moving from audio-only to video conferencing.

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Enhance your next teleconference with features that can be customized to your specific requirements.

Get the most out of your current internal platform with Intellor webinar services.

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