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When conferencing event technology isn’t playing nicely minutes before an important live virtual training session is set to begin, that’s

Everyone is aware of the ways in which 2020 changed not only how organizations work, collaborate and communicate – but

With Intellor’s experience in managing over 10,000 virtual conference calls and events over the past year alone, we’re well aware

An interesting article over on the PR News Online web site provides some hard-won guidelines for conducting virtual press events.

Webinars and teleconferences are a significant investment of time and money. Posting the recordings online and sharing the slides are

With a variety of popular web and video conferencing applications now in widespread use for most companies and organizations, the

Video, audio and web conferencing are here to stay; they’re essential tools for enabling companies and government agencies, offices and

Mere minutes. That is likely all the time you’ll have with an audience of active listeners before their minds wander

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It’s a funny thing to write a birth announcement when your baby is old enough to join you in the

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