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How pre-event emails help ensure meeting success

John Lovell

You’ve decided to partner with Intellor to host your upcoming training session – thank you!

You have received confirmation that it’s been scheduled and been provided with the connection information you need to share with speakers and attendees. You’re ready to go, right?

Shortly before the big day, you receive another email; this time from the Event Producer assigned to your meeting. While this may seem like nothing more than an introduction, it’s an important first step in the collaboration between you and the professional whose goal is to deliver a flawless and successful meeting for you and your participants. In this email, your producer is helping you to prepare for success.

Prepare for Success

Building early entry into your schedule (rather than planning to join at the last minute) will set the stage for a great event. Your Event Producer can review your meeting goals and the run-of-show, confirm requests, ensure everyone looks and sounds good, and put all of you at ease prior to the start of the presentation. (Pro tip: following your producer’s recommended connection guidelines will go a long way toward ensuring you will be heard clearly and with minimal interference.)

Create a Contingency Plan

Even if you plan to run the slides yourself from your computer, it’s a good idea to send a copy of the final deck to your Event Producer before the meeting begins. Technical problems can spring up without warning, and if your connection drops in the middle of the meeting, having a backup loaded and ready to go will save time and stress levels.

Optimize for Video

Video – whether recorded or live – requires special attention to ensure it will look great during your web conference. Whether your recorded video requires preview and optimization, or your speakers need guidance on looking their best on camera, your Event Producer can tap our in-house Multimedia staff to help.

Ensure Accessibility

It’s hard to stay on top of every meeting detail while still juggling your jobs daily responsibilities. Let this serve as a gentle reminder to double check whether this conference should be recorded and, if so, in what format, and if your accessibility plans are in place and the required information has been shared with Intellor.

Plan for Polling

Setting up polls and surveys shouldn’t be left to the last minute. Getting this information in advance lets your Event Producer load the questions into the conferencing app before you join, giving plenty of time for review during the pre-event. They can also give guidance on timing and advice on how polls should be launched so your event runs as smoothly as possible.

So, this simple pre-event email serves a larger purpose than providing your Event Producer’s name. It summarizes simple best practices our Event Producers recommend based on hosting tens of thousands of events and it begins the relationship that ends with your successful event.

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